Nicaraguan Tamarind Chia Drink

During the summer there are many food and culture festivals where we live. Like, right down the street from us. Every year there is this Nicaraguan place which sells rice and beans, fried plantains, plantain chips, cabbage salad, coffee, corn on the cob, and a variety of ridiculously refreshing beverages. I hit up this stall probably ten thousand times this weekend.
The Chia drink pictured below is a particular favorite. I told Crystal that I’m thinking of moving to Nicaragua to drink this daily. Are you sensing my passion for this beverage yet? This drink seems to be a combination of fruit juice, tamarind, and obviously chia seeds. When you soak chia seeds they take on a gelatinous texture, not unlike tiny balls of tapioca (think Bubble Tea with hundreds of tiny “bubbles”). This drink is insanely delicious. If you’re Nicaraguan and you have a recipe for this pleeeease send it to me. If you live in the London, Ontario area then get down to one of the summer festivals and try this drink. I also highly recommend the Cebada drink, which is pineapple juice and barley and a bunch of other stuff. Amazing!