Product Review: Tofurky Pizza

We were at our local Farmer’s Market on Saturday (Western Fair, for those in the area) and went to the organic stall to pick up our usual bag of Daiya vegan cheese.  I noticed in the freezer that they had the Tofurky brand vegan pizzas made with daiya cheese, so naturally I had to get one.  We brought it home and had it for lunch with a simple spinach and strawberry salad with a balsamic/oil dressing.
Okay, so it pretty much tastes like a McCain’s frozen pizza or whatever, which is I assume what they’re going for.  It was quite good.  Not something I’d make a regular part of my diet for the obvious reason that it’s frozen pizza, but it certainly is awesome to have options – sometimes you just don’t want to cook and want something premade.  I get that.  Serve it with a simple salad and call it lunch or dinner.  
Oh, and I am continually impressed with how daiya melts!  Vegan cheese has come along way in the last couple years…you could serve this pizza to anyone and I bet they wouldn’t know it was soy cheese and meat.
– Crystal