Fig Loaf

We love to have a lightly-sweet loaf around for snacking and taking for lunches. This one worked out well because I bought a ton of figs before Christmas for a recipe that didn’t end up being made. So good and pretty healthy, too; lots of fibre (not that fibre intake is a concern for most vegans).

The recipe is from 500 Vegan Recipes by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman, but I found the recipe posted online here.  I substituted the spelt flour with all-purpose flour.  If you like quick breads and get sick of the standby banana, this book has about a bazillion recipes for breads.  The one on the page opposite this was a lemon-thyme sweet loaf!  Yum.

I made this awesome maple coconut peanut butter to give as gifts at Christmas.  After I packaged up what I was giving to people, there was a bit left for us.  This was a divine combo!  And I felt pretty chuffed about eating bread that I made topped with peanut butter that I made.
– Crystal