Trevor’s Tofu Bacon (Terky Bacon)

When we’re looking for a quick lunch, I often throw together some sandwiches with this quick and easy tofu “bacon”. This is my own recipe, which was inspired by the Tempeh Bacon recipe in the book Vegan Brunch.  Using tofu instead of tempeh saves us the hassle of trying to buy tempeh, which is about as easy to find in London, Ontario as it is to find a stack of hay in a giant pile of needles. Say what? Sorry for the weird analogy.

 The trick with this is to use extra firm tofu, and to slice the tofu very thin (but not so thin that it falls apart).

Place the sliced tofu in a dish suitable for a quick marinade. Smother it with all the ingredients listed below and let it sit for a few minutes (or if you’re way too hungry to wait, just use it right away). Heat a little oil in a cast-iron pan and then lay the little bacons out and just fry them up until they are pretty dark and crispy. Splash a little extra marinade on them as they fry. Then chuck them on a sandwich with some lettuce, tomato and veganaise for a delicious BLT. Or put them in whatever kind of sandwich you want, I don’t care.  


Extra firm tofu (you won’t need much, just a few slices off of a block)
Olive oil (something like 2 tablespoons)
Liquid Smoke (a few splashes)
Soy Sauce (use dark or mushroom flavored if you have it)
Maple Syrup (enough to drizzle over everything lightly)
Salt and Pepper
Apple Cider Vinegar (just a splash)
Smoked paprika (enough to sprinkle over all the tofu lightly)