London (Ontario) Vegan Guide now up!

I love my city, I really do.  We lived in Toronto for a stint, and while I currently appreciate how close I am to it for impromptu day trips and hang outs and love Toronto dearly, I am so happy we’ve made London home.  We bought a house in 2015 here, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.


I’m also pleased that we’re becoming something of a little vegan mecca!  For years and years we made do with a small amount of great restaurants serving up vegan fare, but in recent years there’s been a bit of an explosion in options.

Because I can no longer count the vegan options available here on one hand, and I get asked all the time for recommendations, I decided to create a comprehensive guide that would serve both residents and visitors to the city as a compass of sorts, to help you find the best vegan stuff available.  And let me tell you…there’s plenty. So, here it is;

The London, Ontario Vegan Food Guide

Enjoy, and as we enter the new year with many people opting to do Veganuary/Meatless Monday/etc challenges, please reach out with any questions you might have — I promise, no judgement or shame — and I’ll try my best to help.



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