Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary

On Saturday, January 21st, we headed to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary to help out and hang out with some animals.  What an amazing organization; they rescue farm animals who then come to the farm to live a life free of suffering and pain.  The working visits are a great opportunity for people to come and interact with the animals and see firsthand that they are all really full of personality and are just like you in a lot of ways; wanting love and affection, have the ability to express a full range of emotions (including being silly!), like being clean, fed and housed properly.  Here’s a few photos from our trip, including a few of the vegan potluck we had with the group of volunteers and the owners, Siobhan and Peter.  I wish I had taken more of the food because we really had an amazing spread, but I think we were all pretty hungry and tired by that point so photos weren’t my first thought.

Chickpea the cow getting some love!  She was nuzzling and kissing like crazy.

Trevor + pigs

Eric.  He watched guard as I cleaned out his enclosure and occasionally came over to give me love nibbles, licks and headbutts.

Beautiful long-legged Charlie!

Afternoon snooze

Now, to the food…we didn’t just have baked goods, but that’s all I seemed to take photos of!  We brought tempeh sausage pastry puffs (from Vegan Brunch) which were a hit.
Cinnamon pull-apart buns

Lemon poppy seed in the front, apple streusel in the back

Decadent fudgy chocolate cake

Siobhan’s hearty crockpot soup

See you later!
– Crystal

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