Mexico Eats

Hola amigos!  
What a whirlwind month.  Of course our oven broken during MoFo!  Argh!  It was just replaced last Friday.  5 weeks without one, which is ridiculous but hardly surprising since we rent.

We were also in the Riviera Maya in Mexico during the last month for a while.  As it turns out, it was not at all difficult to get good vegan grub in that area.  The resort we stayed at had a more than adequate buffet; the fresh, local fruit at the breakfast buffet was lovely (fresh papaya and pineapple, mmm), there was lots of little Latin sweets to eat (coconut shreds drenched in fruit syrup shaped into little squares, and my favourite, deep fried tortillas sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and drizzled with a simple syrup, yum!), and they even had a little section labeled “Vegetarian” at the dinner buffet.  Not all of it was vegan, but a lot was!

We also had great success on the times we ate in the town of Playa del Carmen.  A sample of what we had:

Mandarin and lime sorbet

Lemonade with chia seeds

Oatmeal horchata

Whole roasted habaneros were served often as a meal accompaniment.

Mexican-Asian fusion tacos, stuffed with meaty soy strips, greens,  grilled vegetables and a great hot-sweet sauce from 100% Natural.  Note the cheese on the guacamole…lesson learned, even if you ask to ensure there is no dairy cheese or sour cream on the tacos, they might still put it on other stuff.   

Burritos stuffed with an assortment of grilled veggies, with black bean sauce, guacamole and rice.  

People were very accommodating if you asked.  Everyone was very friendly and were more than happy to prepare something vegan, and fortunately, we hardly came across anyone who acted as though it was a foreign, strange concept.  Good experience overall!

– Crystal


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