Black Eyed Beans with Collard Greens

This week we made the Hottie Black Eyed Beans with Collard Greens from the book Appetite For Reduction. This is a very quick, easy and nutritious dinner with a spicy Southern kick. You can whip them up when you’re feeling lazy, like we were after coming home from the gym. Its full of protein, carbs, and iron, but also low in fat and calories. We paired it with mashed potatoes and butternut squash which were leftover from Thanksgiving.

For the recipe you’ll have to buy the book!

Crystal’s note:  I love how the butternut mash has a highlight of potato.  It’s like a stylish hairdo in side dish form.

5 thoughts on “Black Eyed Beans with Collard Greens

  1. I love that recipe! I've made it several times. I'm so glad I found your blog thru MoFo. I've given you a Liebster Award! Check it out at

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