What Keeps Me Going

There are so many resources out there which could tell you better than I can the environmental impact of animal farming for food.  Even more resources to tell you the suffering endured by chickens for both meat and eggs, cows for both meat and milk, pigs for meat, sheep for wool, and so on.  More resources still linking animal foods to health concerns like diabetes and cancer.  Largely, I’m preaching to the choir; if you’re reading this blog you are probably already aware of those issues to some degree.

All of those great reasons aside, these are my main reasons:

Because I love my furry beasts so much it hurts, and I cannot stand for a moment imagining what it would be like if they were mistreated, used and slaughtered for human consumption, I am vegan.

Because I am an intelligent human being who can make decisions based on ethics and morals and am not required to do things just because my ancestors did, I am vegan.

Because cows are rad, pigs are awesome, chickens are great, fish are amazing, sheep are gorgeous, bees are necessary, I am vegan.

Because my ethics are more important than convenience, I am vegan.

Vegans:  What motivates you and keeps you going in a world which would much rather you just homogenize yourself, stop being a pain in the ass and just eat some damn bacon already?

– Crystal


4 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Going

  1. What a lovely post, Crystal! Thank you for writing it!After years of on-again, off-again vegetarianism, I became vegan because of my cat. Having this sweet, loving, intelligent creature depend entirely on me for his well-being made me realise that I had a responsibility to act with respect towards all living beings. This decision had a major impact on my life. It gave me the gift of independent thought, of questioning, of seeing through the lies, of listening to my heart. I no longer do things because they are easy but because they are right.

  2. Brilliant post! Sometimes we all need a reminder, no matter how long we;ve been vegan. I feel the same way, I don't need to consume animals to survive and their lives are just as important as ours.

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