Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival 2011

We went to the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival and not only did we bring home a trunk full of delicious vegan treats, we also took some photos to share with you!

Before heading down to the beautiful Harbourfront Centre for the festival, we stopped in at the all-vegan grocery store Panacea, just a few blocks west of the Annex neighborhood where we once lived. Actually, it’s located in the Korean Business District, and I suppose we lived there for a spell as well. It’s too bad this place didn’t exist when we lived there, because they carry all of the specialty items that we would normally have to order by mail. Literature, apparel, food, household products; you name it, they have it.
Truth be told, though, we mostly go there for their selection of vegan junk food.

A freezer full of ice cream.

Vegan candy bars.  Better than their milk-laden counterparts, fo sho.

Ok, so after that we went down to the festival and basically ate ourselves sick. There are what seems like hundreds of booths selling delicious food, cruelty-free products, giving away goods and information. And the park is crawling with vegetarians galore. Take a look!
Spicy noodles with veggie ham, baby bok choy, sesame green beans, delicious eggplant in a sweet sauce, spring rolls and plenty of hot sauce on the side.

Tacos from El Cilantro. There were three, but I scarfed them down before Crystal could take the pic.
We took in a cooking demonstration from Terry Hope Romero! She made a recipe from her book Viva Vegan (one of our favorite cookbooks!).
Here is Crystal with Terry, reppin’ the PPK – the place where all the cool kids like Terry and Crystal hang out.

Everyone loves free samples.

Peppermint nanaimo bar!

Pecan sticky buns!
Caramel-coconut butter tarts!

So we’ll see you there next year, right?



One thought on “Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival 2011

  1. wasn't the festival amazing?! i finally made the trip and was so glad i did. what a wonderful thing to be surrounded by so many like-minded folk. and so much incredible food. and cooking demos. oh, and the cupcakes…

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