Gardein "Chicken" Ranch Salad

I’ve been terrible with updating the blog!  Life has been dishing out a lot of stress and I’ve been totally unmotivated to cook lots and to blog what I do cook.  I have been snapping some photos along the way, though.

We were at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair earlier in the month, and whenever we are in town, we stop by Panacea which is this wonderful all-vegan grocery store.  It’s really amazing.  When we were there we picked up some of these Gardein buffalo wings.  
Now, I’ve had people tell me they don’t understand why vegans eat mock meats and cheese.  Trevor and I don’t eat a lot of them, but on occasion they are a nice treat.  I’d like to explain why these products exist since there seems to be a lot of confusion for some people.  For many vegans, deciding to not eat meat and cheese is not because we hate the taste of those things.  It’s just that there are so many reasons to not eat them.  So many of us have fond memories that are tied to food – summer barbecues with hot dogs on the grill, holiday dinners with a bird on the table.  It’s a nice thing to be able to recreate those flavours in a way that is cruelty-free, ethical and environmentally sound.  It’s not to satiate some hidden desire to consume meat; if meat and cheese analogs didn’t exist, it’s not as if I’d turn back to eating animals.  But it’s a nice treat to be able to chuck a hot dog on the grill and still maintain your ethics.  
Anyway, this salad was absolutely delicious!  A mix of crisp greens and tender baby greens, chunks of cucumber, red pepper and carrot, slices of avocado, gardein buffalo wings, topped with Sanctuary Dressing from Appetite for Reduction.  That dressing is phenomenal and makes a really great veggie dip, too.  Yum!
– Crystal

2 thoughts on “Gardein "Chicken" Ranch Salad

  1. Excellent explanation, Crystal! Those foods are also a good way for omnivores to transition to vegetarianism/veganism without having to "give up" certain familiar foods.Hmmm, after reading all your positive comments about Appetite for Reduction, I'm starting to think I'm missing out on something…

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