American Vegan Kitchen Giveaway

Another great giveaway for you!

Tamasin Noye’s American Vegan Kitchen is chock full of delicious recipes with that greasy-spoon, comfort-food diner flair.

Around-the-Clock Coffee Cake, Beer-Battered Onion Rings, Darngood Donut Bites, Cajun Pot Pie, Fork-and-Knife Reubens, Midtown Greek Salad, Spicy Balsamic Maple Wingz, Yankee Cornbread, Southern Fried Seitan, Mom’s Apple Pie…goodness gracious.  How amazing does that all sound?!  You need this cookbook.

To enter, tell us what your favourite vegan comfort food is in the comments below.  
Contest closes August 10, 2011 at 7pm EST, open to international readers.  Winner will be drawn at random.

The contest is now closed!
Comment #30 has been picked at random as the winner.

Congratulations, VeganCraftastic!


36 thoughts on “American Vegan Kitchen Giveaway

  1. My favourite comfort food is a big bowl of udon noodles in a sweet/spicy miso broth, with fried seitan or tofu on top, and lots of fresh coriander and sriracha. Yum!

  2. My homemade dragon bowl with zucchini, yellow squash, onions, mushrooms, peppers, kale tofu, rice and then a brown sauce I mix through the whole thing. Great on a cold day or when you don't feel well.

  3. Macaroni and Cheese.With a chicken style seitan pot pie being a really close second. I just don't make it as often since it is so much more effort.

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