Red Wine Baked Breakfast Bananas

A few days ago I promised I’d post a little something about my now legendary recipe for Red Wine Baked Breakfast Bananas, so here’s the scoop on that. We first experienced this deliciousness in Cuba, so I’ll assume this is a Cuban dish, but to be honest I have no idea where its origins lie. It makes a great accompaniment to basically any breakfast spread. This weekend, as you can see, we paired it with Isa’s Red Flannel Hash from Vegan Brunch and some grapefruit.

So you cut up some bananas. Depending on their size, cut them in half or into thirds. Then slice those pieces in half. Put them in a roasting pan and douse them with red wine. Let it soak in a little. Maybe drink some of the wine, but remember its 9AM on a Sunday so don’t get carried away. 
Bake them in your oven at 400° for about 20 minutes while you get the rest of breakfast ready. Don’t leave them in too long because they might turn into mush! You basically want them to look like the ones in the picture above. 

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