Strawberries Galore

Sometimes, in our strawberry off-season, I get lured into buying those plastic cartons of strawberries shipped from god-knows-where that are quite anemic, whitish on the inside and sort of bitter, from the grocery store.  It’s easy to get used to that taste and think that’s what strawberries are supposed to taste like.

And then you take a little trip one Saturday to your local Pick-Your-Own strawberry farm, and bite into one of those juice little gems right off the plant, and you think, this is what a strawberry is supposed to taste like.  

Wasting no time, I brought our pick home and got to work.  I had my heart set on trying a no-cook freezer jam, so I could preserve some of the amazing taste of summer fruit for more dark, wintry days.  I picked up a couple packs of this stuff, and followed the directions for that.  I liked that brand of pectin because it requires far less sugar than other kinds.  Anyway, the freezer jam method is pretty much the same for each brand of pectin you use, just the measurements vary a little bit.  Crush/chop fruit (I used a potato masher), add sugar, mix in pectin, et voila.  The great thing about freezer jam is there is no sterilization of the jars required, and the jam ends up tasting like the fresh fruit instead of cooked down fruit.  

I ate some with a spoon.
Next up was pie.  My go-to recipe for strawberry pie is Kittee’s Strawberry Pie.  It is perfect in every way, and doesn’t require any weird gelatin to set it up.  (Gelatin is gross, by the way, it’s made from animal bones and skin – yup, that’s what jello is made of.)

It sort of fell apart – oh well!
And all of that only used up one of the two containers of strawberries we have.  I’m going on an all-strawberry diet for the next week.
– Crystal

3 thoughts on “Strawberries Galore

  1. The strawberry in the top photo looks like a precious jewel — which indeed it is!I'll definitely have to try that jam. And I may even work up the courage to attempt that pie!

  2. Hi! Your blog is amazing, seriously. I changed a lot about my eating habits these last weeks, as I mainly am against cruelty against animals, but also because I want to be heathlier. Your blog helped me a lot while finding out what to eat since I didn't have any idea what tasty stuff I could make out of vegetables etc. I think without your blog it would've been harder to make good food without feeling bad about the ingredients! Thank you soso much! Keep it up 😀 x

  3. Danielle – Dooo itttt! Strawberry season is far too short, better to make the best of it while it lasts!Victoria – Thank you so much! That is really mood boosting to read 🙂 I'm so glad that you've found our blog helpful, and we will continue to post yummy food – I hope you continue to enjoy! xx

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