Rainy Day Burritos #12 & 35

It was a dreary, rainy day here, and we wanted some comfort food. For me, comfort food is almost always Latin American food. So we decided to fill ourselves up with Burritos. Simple logic, really.

(as you can tell I put absolutely no effort into plating this or taking the photos)

Step 1:
Make some brown or white rice (we chose brown as it’s healthier and we think tastier), and then chuck some pinto beans or black beans in it. Season it with some salt and pepper, cumin, chile powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, oregano, parsley, turmeric….and whatever else you want.

Step 2:
Put the beans and rice in the center of a flour tortilla (the bigger the better). Cover that with some hot sauce, salsa, vegan sour cream, sliced avocados, lettuce, and maybe some Daiya if you’ve got it.

Step 3:
Fold in the ends and then roll the thing up. There is no easy way to describe the method. Just do it. Maybe you’ll fail. Maybe you’ll find it easy. Practice makes perfect sense.

Step 4:
Put them in a sandwich press if you have one. Or, If you’re like me you’ll just throw them in the oven on high for a few minutes. You want the outside to get a little crispy, but not dark. Don’t put them in and forget about them for 20 minutes only to end up pulling burnt black burritos out of your oven when you hear the smoke alarm.

Step 5:
Burrito coma.

– Trevor

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